My Thrive Pilates

We are a group of educated and certified instructors that focus on the method of Pilates to enhance client’s ability for greater flexibility and movement. We believe in making Pilates accessible for every person regardless of age, experience, current fitness level or ability. We are committed to help people reach their optimal health so they can live a fun and active life be it being able to move day to day or be it competing in an Iron Man Triathlon. Part of making Pilates accessible to everyone is understanding that people likes and motivations are different. This is why all of our instructors are empowered to share their own personality and style of teaching with the consistency and emphasis on form of movements.

Flexibility vs Strict Rules:
We all have very demanding schedules. This is why we offer a wide variety of classes at different times throughout the week. We have a four hour cancellation policy. Offer both packages and unlimited contracts so people can choose a package that works for them.

Community above Competition:

My Thrive has grown and continues to grow based on the support and excitement from our members. We view all our clients are part of the My Thrive team and foster a real sense of community where everyone knows their neighbor and becomes friends along the way. We are not about competition outside of competition with yourself. That is not to say you won’t get a butt kicking class. We are going to work you to your limit but recognize that everyone’s limit is their own. We will definitely give a “hard core” workout but it is not a bootcamp mentality either. We incorporate the whole person and also focus on the ‘mind body’ workout as well. Each person is important and not just a body on a machine. We respect the time and money people spend in choosing to be part of the My Thrive community and readily encourage their feedback and input when making decisions.