My Thrive Pilates


All classes require reservations.  The reservation lists close one hour before class starts, but you can schedule as far ahead as you like.  There is no set number of classes that must be taken at a specific level before progressing, however we ask that all new clients take at least one Level I before trying a Mixed Level, unless they have previous Pilates experience.  In such cases, we ask that all clients with experience take at least one Mixed Level and receive the instructor's agreement that they are ready to take Level II, unless they have more than a year's recent Pilates experience.  We also ask that experienced clients understand that while they are welcome to take a Level I class,  the class instruction will be geared toward a lower level. 

Pilates Reformers
(Offered at both Shirlington & Courthouse Studios)


Reformer Level 1
Never been to a reformer class before? Pregnant or have an injury? No problem. Reformer Level 1 is a flowing and challenging, yet safe work out. This class is for everyone regardless of age, experience, current fitness level or ability. You will learn that the Pilates reformer is not a torture device, but rather an apparatus that guarantees a nurturing full body workout. 
Reformer All Levels
It is often it difficult to find classes that match your level at the time frame you are available. That is why My Thrive offers Reformer All Level classes. This class is taught towards every level of experience with tailored modifications, assists and variations to challenge and support every student. This class is intermediate in intensity and perfect for anyone's daily Pilates class. 
Reformer Level 2
If you comfortable with the Pilates reformer and want something more intense then try Reformer Level 2.  It is a fast paced, full body workout that will leave you craving more. From form perfecting exercises to variations of the traditional Pilates routine, Level 2 is for anyone who wants that extra challenge. 
Reformer Level 3
Do you dream of doing Pilates? Do you look forward to your next Pilates class all day? Do you often think of creative variations of Pilates exercises on your own? Then you are ready for our most intense reformer class.  Level 3 Reformer includes several advanced exercises that will test the strength of both your body and your mind. This class will challenge you to the core and beyond.

Bridal Program - 8 Week Program


This is your Red Carpet Day, and you want that Red Carpet look.  You've found the perfect dress - now its time to get your body in perfect shape.  More people will be looking at your back, arms and shoulders than ever.  You want to look trim, lithe, and elegant as you walk down the aisle and take to the dance floor.  The Thrive Pilates Bridal Fitness program is designed to give you the look you want. 

Have you ever wanted to jump on a trampoline while lying down? That is what it feels like when you take a Jumboard class. This is a reformer class where part of the time you will use the Jumpboard to get the heart rate up and tone the abs, glutes, thighs and calves. And the best part is that you will feel like a kid again. 

Pilates Mat

(Offered at Shirlington & Courthouse Studios)


Mat 1
Do you need to strengthen your core, but don't really know what that is all about? Have you finally realized that core muscles aren't really strengthened with just a couple of crunches? The "core" includes all the supportive muscles of your spine. If you are new to Pilates and need to strengthen your core, then Mat level 1 is the perfect place to start. This class includes functional flowing movements to engage and strengthen your core safely and effectively.
Mat 2
If you have a general sense of body awareness and core control and are ready for an extra challenge, then take Mat 2. There are many dimensions and layers of core muscles. Mat Level 2 strives to target every layer of your core with the use of props, added repetitions, or challenging maneuvers. From classic Pilates exercises to contemporary variations, this class will challenge your deepest core muscles. 

TRX Suspension Training 
(Offered at both studios)


The TRX is a suspension trainer and it utilizes gravity against an individual's own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. This is a full body, cardio and strength training class for every level. Bring a towel and don't be surprised when you start to sweat. Remember to wear your sneakers!

1+1 = 2 so why not "add" more to your Pilates class? All our plus classes include an additional apparatus for an increased challenge. The instructor will choose to add either the Orbit, TRX, Barre, ball, weights, chair, circles, Jumpboard or Cadillac. This is not your cookie cutter Pilates class.

If you are tired of reformer classes and want to mix it up a little, try a circuit class. You will be able to use the Pilates Chair and Cadillac without paying for a private session. This class uses a variation of apparatus as well as the Orbit and TRX in different stations. Each station rotates throughout the class to work every muscle in your body. Don’t be surprised if you end up sweating and getting your heart rate up more than you do in a regular Pilates class.

Barre Mat

(Offered at Shirlington & Courthouse Studios)


Barre classes are one of the best ways tone and reshape your lower body. This booty-bustin, quad-quakin workout utilizes ballet movements to redesign your body. But don't worry, you don't have to be a dancer to be toned like one. Barre class is for everyone and does not require any previous ballet experience. 
Barre Sculpt
If you love Barre, and are ready to add more intensity then try Barre Sculpt. With the use of bands, loops, and weights, we add more props to challenge your regular Barre routine. Be prepared to sculpt, tone, and redesign your body.


(Offered at our Courthouse Studio)

Pilates Reformer class while standing! Easy-to-learn exercises on the CoreAlign emphasize an upright posture and are designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement. CoreAlign will rock your core by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training.

Private and Duet Classes


Thrive offers both private classes with one on one instruction, and duets for those of you who like to work out with a friend. Same flexible scheduling, just sign up under 'appointments' instead of classes.  If you like a specific instructor and don't see any availability you can talk to them about setting up a time for you.  Private appointments must be scheduled or canceled 24 hours in advance.