My Thrive offers a complete range of Pilates instruction: Private & Duet Apparatus sessions, Group Reformer and Group Mat classes.  We are the only studio in Northern Virginia specializing in Group Reformer, and the only studio requiring 100 student teaching and observation hours in Group Reformer instruction as a requirement for instructor certification.

Do you have a free session to try the studio?

Not at this time, but we do offer a Trial Private and a Trial Group package.  They cannot be purchased after anything else (including outside deals), but they can be purchased together.  Details are on the fees page!

I filled out the contact form, when will I hear back?

Usually within 24 hours.  If you don’t, the message may have been eaten by cyber-beasts.  Try emailing customerservice@mythrivepilates.com!

I think there’s something wrong with my account!

Email us!  customerservice@mythrivepilates.com

I have an injury, is it safe for me to do pilates?

That will depend on your injury.  Email customerservice@ythrivepilates.com with details about your situation, and we’ll get back to you with a recommendation.  If you’re concerned, you can take private classes until you know what you’re doing and feel comfortable with the idea of group classes.  Also- check with your doctor!  They often recommend pilates as a form of physical therapy.  And please make sure you tell the instructor.

I’m pregnant, is it safe for us to do pilates? TRX? Barre?

If you’ll promise to tell the instructor, Reformer classes are safe through pregnancy (so long as your healthcare provider doesn’t say otherwise).  No mat, CoreAlign, barre or TRX after the first trimester.

Do you have mats there? Do I need to bring any of my own gear?

For use in classes, yes!  Not for sale or rent.  There is no need to bring any gear or equipment, anything the instructors might ask you to use we have on site.  If you prefer to bring your own, we certainly don’t mind, of course.

Do you have changing rooms / lockers / showers?

Changing rooms- yes, lockers- no, showers- also no.

What do I need to bring to class?

Please wear comfortable clothes.  You may want to bring a water bottle  (we have water fountains here to refill it), or a towel for sweat.

My friend and I want to come to classes together, is that possible?

Certainly!  Just sign up for the same class time.

How many Level I classes do I have to take before I can move up?

There is no set number.  Once you are comfortable with the basics, feel free to schedule a mixed  level class (I/II for mat). When you feel like you’re ready for more challenge, discuss whether you’re ready for the level II class with the instructor you see the most.